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Exclusive Combo - Solid Brush Cleanser (Lavender) + Silicon Brush Cleansing Pad

Solid Brush cleanser (can also be used to clean sponges)

☀️100% vegan and FDA approved.
☀️Gentle yet very effective.
☀️Travel friendly as it comes in a aluminum tin.
Time to deep clean.
This 100% vegan solid cleanser is hand poured and FDA approved. 
It’s deeply cleanses and conditions your brushes and Beauty Sponges for them to last longer.
Dirty make up brushes and Beauty Sponges can lead to several skin issues like acne, pimples, rashes, allergies etc. The drugstore company solid cleanser kills any germs or bacteria’s that could lead to several skin issues.


Silicone Brush Cleansing Pad is the ideal tool to help gently and deeply clean your makeup brushes. Pair it with our Solid Brush Cleanser to keep your makeup application and your skin looking fresh.


  • 1. Wet your brush with bristles pointing down. Make sure to wet only the bristles and not the handle.
  • 2. Swirl the bristles into the Solid Brush cleanser.
  • 3. Place the Silicone Brush Cleansing pad in the palm of your hand and swirl the bristles against the surface to create suds.
  • 4. Rinse the brush with the bristles pointing down until the water runs clear. Repeat steps 2-4 if needed.
  • 5. Reshape the brush and lay it lay to dry.

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Neha Arora

Bad experience they r not sending my cleansing pad