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Solid Brush Cleanser Lavender

Solid Brush cleanser (can also be used to clean sponges)

☀️100% vegan and FDA approved.
☀️Gentle yet very effective.
☀️Travel friendly as it comes in a aluminum tin.
Time to deep clean.
This 100% vegan solid cleanser is hand poured and FDA approved. 
It’s deeply cleanses and conditions your brushes and Beauty Sponges for them to last longer.
Dirty make up brushes and Beauty Sponges can lead to several skin issues like acne, pimples, rashes, allergies etc. The drugstore company solid cleanser kills any germs or bacteria’s that could lead to several skin issues.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kamini Arya

dirty makeup tools can lead to skin issues, it's great to know that this cleanser kills any germs or bacteria that could cause problems.

Kavya Khan

I love that it not only cleanses, but also conditions my brushes and sponges to help them last longer.

Kavita Pal

I would highly recommend this 100% vegan solid cleanser for anyone looking for a gentle, yet effective way to deep clean their makeup brushes and Beauty Sponges

Kajal Kumari

Its gentle yet effective formula and travel-friendly packaging make it a convenient choice. Plus, the fact that it is FDA-approved and can help prevent skin issues caused by dirty brushes and sponges is a definite plus.

Fiza Aman

It is a 100% vegan solid cleanser that sounds like a great option for those who use makeup brushes and sponges. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants this.